Judi Wild - watercolorist with a difference -
______art of Judi Wild - a combination of her love for wildlife and a fascination for the culture and beliefs of our First Nations Peoples____


Judi used this photograph of the poles of Ninstints as a reference for her Ninstints paintings entitled "Spirit of Chief Ninstints"

photographed in 1901  

Members of the recovery team - includes Bill Reid Base of monumental pole no. 9. Now on display at UBC. This was her subject matter for her painting
 "Monument of the Past"

Photo taken in 1957


The only existing detailed photograph that the artist could find of interior pole no.8 This pole was depicted in Judi's painting entitled "Spirits of the Past"

Photographed in 1913


This  photo shows the watchmen at the base of pole no. 7X2 as depicted in Judi's painting entitled
"Ancient Souls"

photographed in 1947


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