Judi Wild - environmental artist.

I am one of Canada's many artists who is concerned about the health of our planet.

The food that we consume, the air that we breathe, our water are all becoming polluted

I have devoted an entire web page to listing the URL links of a growing number of environmental groups and sites devoted to the concerns of climate change and public health.

I welcome any additional links. Judi

I applaud the efforts of our youth and especially the devotion of their mentors. They are working hard to make this earth a better habitat for future generation.

Don't throw it in the water...

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Thank you to Anna and her daughter for caring and composing this information into a useful tool for conservation.

I’ve recently created a green guide for kids at home that is about environmental protection and ways kids can go green at home. The link to the article is: This article is also packed with links to more than 30 resources about environmental protection and recycling. I believe it will benefit your readers greatly.

Marie Rattray


CALIFORNIA GIRL SCOUTS TROUPE These troopers and their passionate leader are among the groups that are setting an example to the rest of us. They are contributing to a happier and healthier green planet. I am so proud of all of you, Judi
My Girl Scouts and I wanted to express our gratitude by writing a thank you note for your environmental page since it helped us out so much! My Girl Scouts are learning about ways to go green” Cindy Powel
As another small token of our appreciation we thought it would be nice to send along a helpful resource that we came across. Its a great aid for electronics and appliances recycling.


I want to share an excerpt from a public conversation I held on Beyond Awakening in early 2016 with activist, farmer, author and founder of The Orphan Wisdom School, Stephen Jenkinson.

In this brief clip, Stephen suggests that the growing epidemic of pain killers is really a coping mechanism for living in a disfigured landscape. As natural born “practitioners of beauty,” we are brutally confronted by the specter of our dying planet. Overwhelmed by that pain, we desensitize — with drugs, food, work or a host of other self-medications.

Our capacity to create and appreciate beauty withers.

But many of us awaken from our denial. Initially, we may become paralyzed with sorrow for the damage of our “head-in-the-sand” existence.

But there is a parallel realization — a kind of “burdensome privilege” that from this moment on, we must proceed in full knowledge of our responsibility to each other and our impact on the world. Stephen says the claim that this lays upon our days is actually ennobling—“true grief.”

Such grief can become “an animator of our days” and the root of a deep gratitude for the remarkable, quixotic alchemy of being alive.

It’s stirring spoken poetry and deep food for the soul in this time of dark headlines.

I invite you to

please listen to audio

It is time we start respecting our planet and make a real effort to save it from global warming. It may already be too late.
A big mistake for our planet was opening the Northwest Passage above Canada. Now that the water passage is open it draws more sunlight and heats the open water much more quickly than it would if there was still ice and snow protecting the ocean from the sun's rays. There is huge ice fields that are centuries old and are now dropping in to the water and melting. Without having the snow to shield the water it may be non reversible to have it freeze again. The south pole is now also melting huge ice fields.
Another hint of global warming is the huge fire we had in Fort McMurray last year, the largest fire in Canadian history. We lost houses & hundreds of acres of trees which help serve as our "lungs of the earth". Therefore we all must do everything we can to help save our planet. Global warming is real, it is here and we need every one on earth to help save our only liveable planet.
Lorne Hutter (Canada Now)

Helen Caldicott: The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Continues Unabated

Global Research Editor's Note In 2011, with foresight and scientific analysis Dr. Helen Caldicott focussed on the implications of the Fukushima disaster at a Press…


urning leaWhen will it be safe for them to eat their fish and where are the ocean currents taking the contaminated residue? Interesting read... plates

loss of biodiversity - deforestation - oil spillages - plastics – waste - - vehicle emissions

A well-researched article on the subject of 6 deadly factors impacting the environment Article by Joe Thomas


Good reading!! Thank you Debra.

Over the last couple years I have worked with a camp and we had a big focus on recycling last year that we will be continuing this summer. We do all sorts of fun activities and the kids are all wonderful to get to know. Working with them combined with my love of writing lead me start writing about various articles on how to recycle and reduce waste. Kim


My name is Tyler and I am a Green Teens Club member. In addition to hands-on projects in our local communities, we like to spread our message on a larger level by sharing educational resources we find online. 
This month's club initiative: Green Cleaning.

GO GREEN -for kids and adults

In honor of Earth Day yesterday, I have been working with local organizations and schools to promote sustainable activities. Since your page was helpful, I wanted to pass along another guide we've been using:”

 This group of kids really are wonderful and have come a long way in learning,Vanessa 


Green Lesson Plans

"Getting Clean by Going green

Here are 2 new informative links which have been produced by a group of very hardworking students together with a devoted/supportive teacher from Texas USA. These students went above and beyond in order to find these sites and it is nice to know that THEY ARE appreciated and shared by others.

Please help protect our wildlife, forests & SPIRIT BEAR by creating a Provincial Living Museum

 This is amazing. You can change plastic back into oil with a simple little machine

Let's put the pressure on our municipalities to go green

What are we all waiting for????

recycle cell phones etc. 

The Children of the World speak out

videos about global warming

David Suzuki Foundation

create gas emissions

Discover the  age-old process of pollination


Info on climate change

Turn off your power for 1hr. On EARTH HOUR 2015 Ocean renewable energy group

Our Canadian Birds disappearing at an alarming rate     an inconvenient truth - Al Gore

Living Oceans Society 

Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society

Global warming - early warning signs

EcoEarth.Info Environment Portal

Raincoast Conservation Society

Pembina Institute

Canadian Wind Energy Association

World Wildlife Fund

Fur Bearer Defenders

Fur Bearer Defenders

Valhalla Wilderness Society

Tidal Power
How it works

Kyoto Protocol

Earth Share

BC parks

Global issues

Sierra Club

Planet in Focus film Festival

Nature Canada SAVE the polar bears

Anti-baby seal hunt

B.C. WIldlife Federation

BBC  Science & Nature

Our weather