Judi Wild - watercolorist with a difference -

Judi Wild was born in rural Alberta, Canada in 1945,

but spent most of her childhood in England,

where she was introduced to the fine art of watercolors.

Her detailed artwork has been greatly influenced

by her 11 years as an Alberta government draftsperson

& additional 11 years spent as a graphic designer.

Judi has mastered the method of

applying multi-layers of watercolors using a "dry brush" technique.

This gives her work that "extra" in delicate detail which she tirelessly portrays.

She is represented in the National Archives of Canada,

her art is displayed world-wide in both corporate & private collections.

Judi now lives in retreat on Vancouver Island

where she continues with a deep connection & respect for the natural world

Painting with watercolors is one of my greatest delights – it always has been,
since I was a very young girl
. It is a way for me to visually
 express my creativity within an environment of great tranquility.

 My feelings of reverence & mysticism for the spiritual beliefs & legends
of our Aboriginal Peoples of Canada are present in my work.
My art is also a declaration of my deep connection & concern for the natural environment.

It takes a mere instant to come up with an idea for a new work of art.
Yet, it sometimes seems like an eternity to transpose this “flash of inspiration” from
a blank illustration board into a finished painting.
Using a limited palette,
(to see a sampling of Judi's techniques)
I apply several layers of transparent watercolor over my finished pencil drawing,
before beginning my detailed work.
Herein begins my greatest challenge. This is to portray my interpretation of the
wonderful complexities of nature – to delve deeper and discover the delightful patterns,
shapes and textures of this inner world.
In so doing, I find the stillness & inner peace that brings me such joy.

Judi Wild

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BLOG taken from the International Watercolor College in Buffalo, New York 

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