Judi Wild - watercolorist with a difference -


Judi is one of Canada's many environmental artists.
Through her artwork she is able to express her feelings of reverence
 & understanding of the spiritual beliefs of our ancient aboriginal peoples of Canada.
An ethereal quality to her paintings adds to this mysticism, while promoting
 her deep connection & concern for the natural environment.


Judi uses a unique dry-brush technique with her watercolors. and very fine 07 brushes.
          It is not unusual for a painting to take 100's of hours to complete. The result is an astounding 3-D effect
       - it is hard to believe  that she is working on a flat surface.



2016 The story of my painting entitled St. Teresa of Calcutta”

article in the Record

in the fall of 2012 -

Judi Wild has recently moved back home to Vancouver Island where she now lives in retreat. Surrounded by nature, she is grateful for the peace and tranquility which allows her creative side to shine through. It is here that she continues her deep connection & respect for the natural world.


. Judi begins a new chapter. - OCT  2008
.... Judi's new works will emphasize the bond between the beliefs
 of our ancient indigenous tribes AND the natural world .........
 "I am voice of Raven - Chief of ancient wisdom"  to be released 2010
                               size" 40" X 24"

Judi is proud to announce the completion of the second in this series -

Shaman - Eagle Transformation   Size 34" X 27"         to be released 2010


"One with the Eagles"     Size 23" X 34"   to be released end of May 2010

 Judi's art invites feelings of reverence & understanding of the traditions & beliefs of our aboriginal

" It is not necessary to speak in a loud voice.
for the Great Spirit is everywhere.
He hears whatever is on our minds & in our hearts"




Judi has recently completed her Spirits series of 4. The 4 collages took 5 years to complete
           and have been acquired by collectors world-wide.
           There will be an preview showing (by invitation only)of the last in the series entitled "Spirits of the Whale" on March 29th '08 7p.m. at
           Riverway Gallery in Courtenay, Vancouver Island.  The artist will be in attendance.  At  8pm Earth Hour will be celebrated at the gallery by
           having a candlelit wine & cheese  reception. This is a global movement to shut off the power for one hour - to help create an awareness
            of our impact on climate change.


SPIRIT BEAR - for a unique approach to the plight of the Spirit Bear Judi has ideas on creating a guarded sanctuary on Princess Royal
           The original painting took 2 years to complete and sold to an Island doctor for $25,000-.

. NINSTINTS  - Judi has spent several years visually documenting the ancient totem poles from Ninstints. She has used old photos dated 
         back as far as 1901 for her reference material. Her entire series of 7 has recently (2007) been acknowledged
         as having outstanding historical significance by the Federal Government of Canada
         and has been accepted into our
National Archives in Gatineau Quebec.



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