Judi Wild - watercolorist with a difference -

Judi Wild

" I have a vision, which is becoming increasingly clearer to me as time goes by.
I feel that there is no better time than now to seek the
help & guidance from others who may share the same vision." 1/1/2007


I envision:
an International Wildlife Sanctuary which will encompass the entire land mass of Princess
  Royal Island plus surrounding waters and air-space. The legendary "Spirit Bear" together with the "Ravens
Decree" would become the main "theme" of the Sanctuary, but would include all the wildlife
species indigenous to the Island & surrounding waters.

this Sanctuary would be totally & completely off-limits to all mankind - except for a bi-annual
   monitoring excursion comprised of a carefully chosen small group of scientists & photographers.

totally encased viewing platforms & walkways - carefully placed so as not to disturb the natural
 environment. This would ensure that the animals would continue to roam freely for another                                                                 10,000 years, or more, without any intervention or harassment from Mankind

the Sanctuary would be protected by one or more caretakers who are based on location at all times. A float
plane can schedule a daily trip around the entire Island scouting for intruders & poachers.

I envision: one of many on-going fundraisers and many more major international
sponsors will  be recruited. Recognition will be given where deserved  - including all the levels of
Government, our First Nations, the environmentalists and the Logging Companies. A volunteer elected
 committee will oversee all the business matters & the smooth running of the Sanctuary.


          "I do hope you share my vision & enthusiasm.
This is a very unique situation - we have an  uninhabited Island
in the temperate rainforest (almost untouched by mankind)
with wild animals, including a very rare totally Canadian Kermode bear,
roaming about freely, as they have done for thousands of years.
What a priceless international treasure well worth
protecting for future generations to come