Judi Wild - watercolorist with a difference -

SPIRITS - series of 5 - hand-enhanced giclees by Judi Wild

e These reproductions are digital prints, often called “giclées,” in which the photographic image is scanned into a computer

that produces copies using high-end ink jet printers. The process to produce a giclée is somewhat more expensive than the

older style poster reproduction (called an offset lithograph), and the inks that are used contain actual color pigments rather than dye,

which adds to their brilliance and longevity. Even more significant is the fact that these digital prints are printed onto the

highest quality of watercolor papers or canvas, which gives the final product the look and textural feel of original art.

A giclée of a watercolor looks identical to the original. Because of the process and the result,

digital prints are priced much closer to the originals than the older offsets.


spirits of the eagle

spirits of the bear

spirits of the wolf

spirits of the whale

Spirits of the heron


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NOW  available in miniatures

"Spirits of the Bear"
Hand-enhanced giclee print

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Wildlife (3)
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TO ORDER available as sets or individually

edition size: 395s/n     size: 20" X 30"  - custom sizes also available
PRICE OF giclee PRINTED ON WATERCOLOR PAPER = $274- cdn. funds



"Spirits of the Bear" by Judi Wild

Judi's new series of 4 collages express her feelings of reverence & mysticism for the spiritual beliefs & legends of our ancient aboriginal peoples of Canada. Her art also expresses her deep connection & concern for the natural environment. There are at least 22 Bears
Please e-mail a copy of the location of each bear

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